Paper or E-Paper?

Paper or E-Paper?

Paper or E-Paper?Where do you fall in the argument about going green? Are you on the side of reading a real book and using a real business card or going fully electronic in every area of your life and using just your smart phone?

Before you decide, take a look at this very funny commercial:

Paper or E-Paper?

Hmmm…some issues are worth looking at twice – don’t you think?

Somehow the e-tablet/reader/smart phone completely taking over seems a bit disconcerting, now doesn’t it? Truthfully, after seeing this commercial, I can’t imagine ever being completely paperless. =)

Nothing beats the feel of a crisp sheet in your hand whether it’s a book, a business card or a beautifully designed brochure or catalog. The comfort of fine papers is a pleasure to be savored and appreciated.

We’re advocates of fine papers and beautifully designed printing to show off your business. There’s just no substitute for the feel of linen or the beauty of colors popping off a glossy page.

Wondering how to make your business look even better? Come by and let us show you how good your business can look!

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